Enjoying the Challenge

Paul’s fresh insight into the required frame of mind to overcome can be the key to unlocking lives both in and out of the workplace. Both powerful and disarming, Paul teaches how to transform your thinking in all of life's challenging arenas by attacking obstacles, avoiding regret, and even enjoying the process. To Paul, thankfulness is a not just a buzzword but a key component to rising above the challenge.

Teamwork and Leadership for an Engaged and Fun Workplace

Sought out by coaching staffs for his leadership in the locker room and voted by players as The Nicest Guy in Baseball , Paul helps you discover how to unite and energize your team. Lead your team into a fun and engaged workplace. Learn how to handle success and why it can be more difficult than failure. And, know when it’s time to walk away.

What it looks like - Love, Family, and Faith

Be inspired, encouraged, and entertained. Not just surviving but thriving in a career-dominated marriage, Paul and Kym Byrd have moved their family 54 times over Paul's 7-team, 19-year professional baseball adventure. Learn the must-do’s that will make your family strong even under intense strain and requiring demands.

He is first and foremost a storyteller who will have you cascading between laughter and tears.

Lara Dolan, Keller Williams

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"Paul Byrd's message is powerful, and his delivery style is delightfully disarming. He is first and foremost a storyteller who will have you cascading between laughter and tears. He will have you whipping out your phone in an attempt to capture words of wisdom to share with your kids, your co-workers, your partner. I heard Paul speak one time to a business group and was so captivated I immediately requested that he come speak to my organization. Paul's stories helped re-focus and re-energize our team so that our common goal of helping others came back into crystal clear focus. If you want to be encouraged, inspired AND entertained...Paul is your guy."

Lara Dolan, Keller Williams Realty and ShamRockin' for a Cure/span>