Former MLB pitcher, Emmy award-winning broadcaster, and best-selling author, Paul Byrd has been married to Kymberlee for 23 years and is the father of Grayson and Colby. Kymberlee and Paul met at Louisiana State University where Paul was a two-time Academic-All SEC player, the team GPA leader, and an NCAA National Champion.

Paul played for 19 years in Major League Baseball. After shoulder reconstruction in 2000, Paul thought he would never play again. Instead, he began to swing his arms and bring back the double pump wind-up which eventually became his signature delivery and brand in baseball. On certain pitches, Paul also started stepping behind the pitching rubber to change the effective velocity of a pitch - something MLB had never seen in the history of the game, eventually requiring a new rule to be added to the handbook. No wonder Bobby Cox calls Paul one of the most creative pitchers he's ever seen at getting hitters out.

Sought after by numerous teams for his leadership in the locker room Paul walked away from three large guaranteed contracts at the age of 38.

Voted “Nicest Guy in Baseball” by the players and the “Steve Olin Tim Crews Good Guy” by the Writers Association, Paul is now an Emmy-winning broadcaster for Fox Sports. As a highly sought after professional speaker, Paul can be found at Ivy League schools debating and teaching faith in sports and winning principles in business. Paul is also the President of The Byrdhouse Ministries 501c3 charity.

Paul enjoys spending time with his family, biking, good pizza, movies about underdogs like Rocky, old school R&B music where they sing about love, portrait and landscape photography, fly fishing, and a really good book.

Paul dearly loves his mom, Lillie Byrd, who still lives back in Louisville.


  • MLB
  • One of only two players to ever beat the Yankees and Red Sox in the same postseason
  • Fox Sports
  • Emmy Award Winning Broadcaster
  • Team USA Baseball Coach
  • Best-selling author of Free Byrd: The Power of a Liberated Life
  • The Writers Association choice for the Steve Olin Tim Crews Good Guy Award