Paul Byrd stirs others to reach their full potential through motivational speaking and teaching from his life experiences on and off the field. Paul weaves together humor, statistics, historical examples and movie references into powerful illustrations that affect life change. His audiences are entertained and energized while learning new ways to immediately impact their workplaces and personal lives.

What does Paul teach?

  • The Importance of Thankfulness
  • Finding Purpose in the Mundane
  • Secrets to Enjoying Challenges
  • Bringing Unity in spite of Differences
  • Creative Risk-Taking
  • Teamwork for an Engaged and Fun Workplace
  • What it looks like - Love, Family, and Faith
  • Why Success Can Be More Difficult to Handle than Failure
  • When It’s Time to Walk Away cult to handle than failure

"In the sea of speakers, it is refreshing to see someone authentically transparent on the scene. Paul is so inspiring, with a message that truly transcends. But most of all, he is real. Hopefully, this is a sign of things to come. How totally refreshing for all audiences that attend events and meetings. More! More!”

Tom Sullivan - Corporate Emcee

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